Pecked Wood, Stanford


Pecked Wood with Woodpecker
Copyright © 2013 Teri Vershel

Not sure why this is called a “Hairy” Woodpecker, but I love his red hat. The pecked wood is pretty cool also. For some reason, Woody Woodpecker just came to mind and especially the annoying cartoon jingle. It’s amazing what useless stuff still lives in my brain.

Correction: This just in. According to my mom, this is an Acorn Woodpecker. I think she’s right. It has a “conspicuous white rump” (from Peterson).

One thought on “Pecked Wood, Stanford

  1. Nanci Woody

    Treece. Great photo. I’m pretty sure this is an acorn woodpecker. Acorns stored in all those drilled holes. Love the photo.


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