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Birding Blog, Day 1

In an effort to keep track of the birds I am spotting and learning, I’m putting pictures of them up on this blog. Not all of these pictures will be great photos, but that is not the point of this blog. I would like to have a record of what birds I am seeing, where I am seeing them, and how many I’ve seen.

The first thing I will do is link the bird shots that I’ve already posted on my Photo Blog to this blog. Then I will start adding photos from my files from 2013 (when I started birding). Finally, I will add new birds as I see them (assuming, of course, that I manage to get a photo of them).

Animal Portrait, Red-Tailed Hawk


© Teri Vershel 2013

And now for a little free association, when I named this photo, it reminded me of one of the best ever TV characters (in my opinion), Hawkeye Pierce from M*A*S*H played by Alan Alda. I watched this show about staff at a hospital during the Korean War during my formative years, and I do believe Hawkeye lent me a few of his attitudes and political leanings. I grew up with this and Hogans Heroes. They don’t make war sitcoms these days that I’m aware of, but these were some great shows.