Mark's Apps for iPhone & iPad

Mark recently left Scale Advisors (his boutique advisory firm) and founded Kurbo Health to provide mobile and web-based tools for children and their families fight childhood weight issues.  Learn more at and learn more about Mark at

Mark created two apps while at Scale Advisors and both are available in the iTunes App Store:

RoShamBo -- a new take on the classic Rock-Paper-Scissors game where you play your friends orthe computer to level up with XP and acquire badges.  Learn more here.

MyPhotoCube -- a new way to show off your photos with a 3D rotating cube that you may share with your friends over email or over a bluetooth connection.  Learn more here.

See all the Mark’s apps at the iTunes App Store (previously done at his company Scale Advisors)


If you have questions or comments on any of our mobile apps, send email to apps @  Thanks!

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