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Seagull Pecking Order, Baylands


Get Off My Post
Copyright © 2013 Teri Vershel

Seagulls seem to have some kind of pecking order since this one had no problem knocking off his pal and the pal didn’t give up much of a fight. This happened repeatedly while I watched.

There are a large number of gulls in Peterson. Seriously, I had no idea there were so many types of gulls. In my mind, they are all just Jonathan Livingston (loved that book when I was a teen). I’m thinking this is a California gull because of the dark spot on its bill.

Birds on Posts Series, Baylands


Bird on Post 1
Copyright © 2013 Teri Vershel

For my final project in my recent Digital Photography class, I started a series of birds on posts. I continue to work on this series and am adding new images as I shoot them. I really like the composition of this photo.

Another project I am attempting is to identify the birds that I photograph. While I am doing pretty well at figuring out the larger birds and the shore birds, I’m failing at the smaller birds. I have no idea what this bird is called!