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Canvasback, Baylands


© Teri Vershel 2013

OK. Duck. Check. Boring. I get that. But you’ve got to admit, if you really check this guy out, he’s kind of cool for a duck. What with the chestnut red head/neck, black chest, and pristine white body. He’s a regular poster child for color block patterns. I like this guy. The red eye is an added bonus.

Possessed Ducks, Baylands Duck Pond


Possessed Ducks
Copyright © 2013 Teri Vershel

First up in my birding class — ducks. Here I thought most all those ducks I have been looking at were Mallards. Not so fast. I wasn’t paying enough attention to things like ski-sloped bills and eye stripes and eye rings and cheek patches and speculums (that green patch on the front duck). Alrighty then, I will look closer. I’m sorry, but when I looked at these guys up close, all I saw were those creepy yellow eyes. These ducks are possessed! And frankly, I cannot figure out what kind of ducks these are. They are not Goldeneyes because that would be too obvious. My best guess is a Northern Shoveler, but I’m not sure. Those yellow eyes are throwing me off.