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Sandhill Crane Dance, Lodi


Sandhill Crane Dance
© Teri Vershel 2013

I didn’t get a great shot of this  but I’m putting it up anyway because it’s such an interesting behavior. These cranes repeatedly jump up and down for seemingly no reason. The biologists anthropomophize and tell us they are dancing. When you watch them do this, you can’t help but smile.

Flock Flying Out, Lodi


Flock Flying Out
© Teri Vershel 2013

Yesterday’s post which was taken at dusk shows a flock of birds flying in for the night. Today’s shot shows a flock flying off at sunrise. Waking up at 4:15AM to get out to the reserve in time to watch the sunrise was worth it, however, not having a tripod was a mistake. Note the difference in light between this morning and last night.