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Myna Bird, Wailea


© Teri Vershel 2013

It seems I can’t go any where lately without noticing the birds. The Mynahs were regulars around the hotel pools scavenging french fries and the like. They are from the Starling family and not native so most people thought they were pests, but I thought they were interesting and fun to watch. They have a nice black and white wing flash when they fly off.

Sunrise from Kealia Pond, Kihei


Sunrise from Kealia Pond
© Teri Vershel 2013

One morning I went to Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, a coastal salt marsh located in Kihei near where we were staying. I got there before sunrise hoping to get some good photos and to see some birds. The sunrise was beautiful and I did get some lovely shots but there were very few birds at the refuge or anything else for that matter. The only wildlife I saw were a few A’eo (Hawaiian for Black-Necked Stilt). I did, however, get a feeling of Ha’aha’a (love that word), of being a part of instead of separate from nature.

I also learned from a mistake. I reset my camera back to original settings the day before and forgot to switch my camera back to raw so all my files were JPEGs. I am getting better at checking all my settings before I start shooting, but not perfect!