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Full Moon Rising, SF


Full Moon Rising © 2014 Teri Vershel

This was that rare time where I was situated in a place that had a great view of both the sun setting and the moon rising at exactly the same time. I kept running back and forth from one side of the hill to the other watching the sky. I probably should of just planted myself and my camera on one side and focused on the sunset OR the moonrise, but it was too difficult to choose! This shot shows the last bit of sunlight on the row of houses as the moon comes up over Mount Sutro.

[1/100 s at f/7.1, ISO 400, 40.0 mm]

Sunset from Grand View, SF


Sunset From Grand View © 2014 Teri Vershel

If you live near San Francisco and haven’t made it to Grand View Park yet, I highly recommend you go. This is a park that highly deserves its moniker. I found it a few months ago and went back this week around sunset. The views of San Francisco are stunning. Here the cars are snaking through Golden Gate park on 19th Avenue heading towards home.

0.6 s at f/13.0, ISO 400, 40.0 mm (once again I should of had a tripod with me!)