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Bird on Wire Series


© 2013 Teri Vershel

For the uninitiated, there are a lot of types of sparrows out there. If you think a sparrow is a sparrow is a sparrow, you are wrong. In fact there are so many types of sparrows, that I can’t figure out which one this is even though I’m consulting two different bird books.

A friend commented that it’s a female House Sparrow. I think it is!

Bird Tricks, Stanford Dish


Hey Buddy, Can You Teach Me How to Do That Trick?
Copyright © 2013 Teri Vershel

Amazing what you can see if you sit near an old water trough for awhile and watch. I’m thinking I may need to start a Birds On Wires series.

Note to self: I’m guessing a Juvenile Lincoln’s Sparrow speaking to Western Bluebird.