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Road to Stanford University, Palo Alto


Palm Drive at Dusk
Copyright 2013 Teri Vershel

Palm Drive links Palo Alto to Stanford University. After all my years in Palo Alto, it still seems incongruous to see so many palm trees. Don’t palm trees belong in the tropics?

Drive this tree-lined street right up to the Stanford quad with Memorial Church in the background.


Stanford Quad at Dusk
Copyright 2013 Teri Vershel


Cactus Portraits, Arizona Cactus Garden


Notice Any Resemblance?
Copyright © 2013 Teri Vershel


One of our first assignments in Photographing Nature class, was to take pictures at the Arizona Cactus Garden on the Stanford campus. In all my years in the area, I had never been to this garden. What a treat. I thought most of my photos from this expedition resembled portraits of people. Hmmmm?


Just call me Spike.
Copyright © 2013 Teri Vershel