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The Annoying SU-5

66514462-1This is the SU-5. I thought it was going to be amazing. But sadly, I thought wrong. This tank starts out crap, but even after a week of upgrading, and pushing it to its max potential, it still sucks.  It starts out with 180 HP, a 138 DMG, 71 PEN  76mm gun, a 90 h.p. engine, a 10.48 Load Limit, 28 Traverse Speed suspension, and a 300m radio. After spending a week upgrading it, Still has 180 HP and now has a 340 DMG, 140 PEN 152mm gun, a 130 h.p. engine, a 12.5 Load limit, 30 Traverse Speed suspension, and a 615m radio. Things are looking better, but wait! JUST KIDDING. The SU-5 is the worst of all the Tier 4 SPGs. So, after playing this thing, I’m moving over a couple Tank Lines to the German arty, since the Russian ones SUCK. The German tier 4 arty, the Grille, is the best of the lot. But more on that later. Bye!