Now Free to try! Get first cube for free; upgrade to the Full Version for 3 cubes and the ability to share them.

Take 6 pictures from your Photo Library and create your own rotating 3D photo cube. Find a common theme: family, kids, friends, pets, vacations, wildlife, buildings, mountains, flowers, or even just your favorites. Once you've made your cube, enjoy it yourself or share it with a friend! Let your imagination run wild.

**** by The iPhone App Review: "At $0.99, this app is an obvious buy. The ease with which this app can be used and its capabilities make it well worth the buck. Competitors can’t match the features in this app..."

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Using MyPhotoCube

This app comes with 3 cubes (free version has 1 cube). You may switch between cubes, change images on each cube face, and share cubes with friends.

On screen gestures:

  • Double Tap: Change image on side closest to screen center. The cube will pause rotation while you change the image. Even after you fill one of your cubes with pictures, you can change them by double tapping on each side of the cube and selecting a new picture.
  • Pinch: Zoom cube in and out.
  • Drag: Rotate manually when paused.

Toolbar icons:

  • Settings: Set auto-rotation timing.
  • Play: Start auto-rotation of cube.
  • Pause: Pause auto-rotation of cube.
  • Action: Select which of the 3 cubes to show on the main screen or share with a friend. You must select a cube to change which photos are shown on each face. (Full version only; Free version gives you option to upgrade)

Sharing a Cube (Full Version):

  • You may send a cube via Email or by using a Bluetooth connection (Bluetooth not supported on iOS 7 or newer).
  • If you Send by Email, the Mail Composer will display a set of instructions with an attached file. You add names of people you want to receive the cube. Once they have received the email and installed the MyPhotoCube app, they just select the attachment in the email and the app will launch with the new cube.
  • Hint: you can keep old cubes by emailing them to yourself and keeping the email for a future import
  • If you Send by Bluetooth, the receiver should use the Receive by Bluetooth button once he or she is near you. You both need to work at the same time since this is a synchronous connection. You each accept the connection and then you each wait for the transfer to complete before disconnecting.

Enjoy creating your photo cubes!

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