Vershel Services LLC

Mission & Approach

Few companies move smoothly from their early stages of development to stand-alone successful businesses. Some find that they are so busy with their near term growth they can't spend the time on strategic options. Many simply get "stuck" at various points in their evolution. What such a company needs is a partner to work with both the management team and the company's BOD/investors to help the company successfully manage these transition points to scale to its full potential. Given his long experience with early-stage companies in both consumer and business ecosystems, Mark Vershel is ideally suited to be that consulting partner, advisory board member, or board director to help with this work.

Companies often need help with the following:

  • Working with the founders to build their company rather than just their product

  • Creating a corporate and business development strategy at each stage of development

  • Identifying problem areas and developing a plan to address them

  • Re-aligning the product development with the market realities

  • Helping the company see new opportunities given their products, people, customers

  • Determining whether to buy, sell, or raise the next round (and making it happen)

Engagements can be short or long term; they can span from working on focused projects to becoming an active partner at the board level -- potentially spending several days per week or even full time at the company as needed. The goals of any engagement must be aligned with the employees and investors -- the bottom line is to maximize shareholder value.

More information on Mark as well as recent projects can be found on his LinkedIn profile.