RoShamBo Mobile is a game where players can play each other in real time on two differentportable Apple devices. Each player selects a character (Strong Rock, Smart Paper, or Sneaky Scissors) and then shakes his or her device vertically up & down or swipes the screen three times. Each player finds out what the other played and who won. You must win 4 battles to win a round and gain experience points (XP) as well as other badges. If there are no players nearby, you may play the computer. Become a Level 10 player and collect all the badges to become the envy of your friends.

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RoShamBo is Mark's first iOS application and is free in the iTunes store. Try it out and let me know what you think. If you have questions or comments on RoShamBo, send email to apps[at] Thanks

Using RoShamBo

Each of the game's Tabs is described below.


This game requires an Internet connection (even if you are playing the "Computer"). You must create an account and log in so we can track your badges and your friends can find you. The game will keep you logged in until you Logout. You may Logout if other people use your Apple device since each of you can have your own account.

Note: When you create an account, there is an option to enter an email address; this email is only used to send you your password if you forget it. This is the only time you can add your email to your account. The Send Password button is available only when you are not logged in.


In order to play, you must pick an opponent using the Versus Tab ("Computer" is the default choice when you start). Once you have picked an opponent, you play as follows:

  1. Select Rock, Paper, or Scissors.
  2. Together with your opponent, shake your device up and down vertically three times (or swipe your finger across the screen if you prefer).
  3. Each time you shake, you will see your progress on screen.
  4. The results of a battle will show on the screen (Win, Lose or Tie). If either of you win, a checkbox will highlight at the top. A tie does not count towards winning a round.
  5. You must win 4 battles to win a round. At the end of each round, you find out who won and how well you have done against this opponent. You will also find out how many XP you have received and which new badges you have attained (if any).

Under your name at the top left, your current level and XP are shown (with the amount needed for the next level). You receive XP for each battle you play (including if a tie) plus bonus XP for winning a battle and winning a round.


You and your opponent must both select this Tab to find each other. The game uses your location to find the closest available opponents, so you may need to wait a few seconds once each of you enters this Tab for the server to find you both. You can also sort the list of possible opponents alphabetically.


This shows your current level and your badges, including what is needed to get each badge. You can also see the Top Scores of those people you have played (it will contain the cumulative rounds you've won or lost).


Use Quiet to shut off the sounds entirely. Use Vibrate to vibrate your phone when the sound is off. Use Background to change the background color for all Tabs.

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